This is me, laughing so hard I think I might be crying. (France, 2019, photo by Kelly Kilmer)

Hi, I’m Tracey. I am originally from New Jersey, the oldest of six children, and was raised Catholic. (This is important information, trust me.) I now reside in Fort Collins, Colorado, but not for the skiing and other outdoorsy things — I’m in it for the big skies and 300+ days of sunshine. Also, that’s where my husband, daughter, and dog live, so it all works out very conveniently.

My career evolved over the years from working at newspapers, in radio, retail, and record label marketing to finally stumbling into The Internet. I have a very particular set of skills which include SEO, WordPress, and Facebook ad management. My other super powers include cleaning and organizing things (digital and physical), attention to detail (“being picky”), and leadership (“being bossy”).

I thoroughly enjoy my roles as mom, mixed media artist, wife, and business owner. Also loves laughing, whimsy, the Oxford comma, listening to podcasts, watching tv and movies, The Monkees, The Tenth Doctor, the jangly guitars in early-90s pop/rock, and making things that may or may not involve glitter.

This blog is dedicated to all of the moms out there who look at mommy blogs and their Pinterest posts in the vain hope that they too can make a cake/decoration/craft project/cupcake topper/party theme/etc. work the way it appears to in the photos. This blog is NOT one of those blogs. I stand in solidarity with moms who forget to sunscreen their kids, remember that dinner should be happening RIGHT NOW and OMG I have nothing defrosted!, and sometimes address the kids by the dog’s name.