Day 1184: Rained Out

Here’s where my GenX upbringing comes in handy. It really prepared me for any kind of crisis.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday. Tonight, we were to have a pool party with the theme Under the Sea (the third water-based party this kid is having in her young life). Only it’s been raining for days. It rarely does that here, and if it does rain, it clears up in the late afternoon. HA. On. Me. And on 13 10-year-olds. (Not that my troubles are the least bit important in the grand scheme of things, given that houses near the river up in the foothills are in danger and my MIL’s basement has water.)

So I am scrambling today. Took the day off to make the Mermaid Munch. And the ombre-frosted cake that my daughter wants (THAT should be good, but I did buy a special cake frosting knife so I feel a bit fancy). And all of the cleaning and hiding shit because we’re 95% sure we’re moving the party to our house.

To our house.

We are literally throwing shit into the spare bedroom to get it out of the way so that kids can play hot potato or bingo or whatever we’re going to do. We’re going to rush out and find cheap prizes for the games. I am going to place the vodka prominently for the adults to have in the punch.

Yeah. Photos to follow.

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