Day 205: Don’t Be Afraid…

Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.

Are you freaking kidding me right now?


Here’s what fear looks like:

Dammit, Janet
Mikey likes it!

Or maybe even this:

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But definitely not this:

it’s so pretty…

I am not afraid of the coronavirus. I am tired of people telling me to “get on with” my life and that I can’t let the threat of getting sick stop me from living my life and whatever the hell it is they’re all saying. Oh yeah, “we’re all going to die someday.” That’s a great one.

What I AM afraid of is the actions of a maniacal “leader” who is a bully, who is unintelligent, who has a mean spirit, who is a liar, who gaslights, who has started a cult of followers who are even more scary than he is. He drags us down as a country, rather than lifting us up. I am afraid of my relationships becoming irreparable.* Every day I am more shocked than the last when I learn about yet another friend or family member is going to vote for him. Who thinks he has done nothing wrong. Who still believe in “but her emails” and that Obama isn’t a legal citizen and who accuse Biden of being a child molester. With a straight face.

I’m afraid that my daughter is going to grow up and not be able to have the same rights as I do in this moment. By the time she’s an adult, it should be better than it is now, not worse. I’m afraid that our work situation will get worse and we’ll lose our house. I’m afraid that if I do get sick and die, who the hell is going to take care of my husband and daughter?

That is what I am afraid of, ultimately, and that is why I stay home and why I wear a mask when I’m around other people.

Seriously, what person in his right mind would say that contracting a deadly disease that has killed over 210,000 people, and infected millions more, is patriotic? A psychopath. And what leader shuts down talks to give aid to struggling citizens until after an upcoming election? Sounds like a hostage taker to me.

* One last thing: I do not care what party you’re in, but I do care if you follow one blindly, without facts. Without thinking for yourself. And especially when that party’s people follow a very dangerous mysoginist racist. I’m not the first person to bring up that comparison and I won’t be the last.

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