Day 25: Four Things Making Me Almost Insanely Happy Today

I’m sure I could come up with five, but we’ll start with four.


As I was working, Mae ran down to my office and said we had a visitor. She was carrying a basket of plastic Easter eggs and holding a piece of paper. Tim followed her with a mason jar of something that was quite possibly alcohol. Our friends from Mae’s school hid eggs in the yard, left a jar of Manhattans (they call it a Matt-hattan), rang the bell, and ran away!


John “My Boyfriend” Krasinski. I just found his new YouTube thing today and he is amazing. I used to have a blog a long time ago with this kind of content, but his is better because he’s cuter and has the capacity to invite Steve Carell and people like that. Be sure to watch episode 2. It’s perfect and astounding. Watch it. Really.


Boy, this Matt-hattan is good.


Mae developed a whole “party” thing for us today. First, we sat in chairs, along with her babies. She got up on a chair and announced what was about to happen.

X marks the spot!

Then we had Centers. This is what they do at school, with small groups of kids working on a project or a task, and then the group moves on to the next Center. Our Center was to write a note to a friend. Tim and I each wrote to our BFsF.

Then it was snack time. Which Mae put together all by herself (even if she didn’t wash the fruit – ha!). I am so proud.

I have never had a pouch before. There’s a first time for everything.

And lastly, there was a treasure hunt! The map is to the right –>

My kid has never done stuff like this before quarantine, really. Or maybe she has, but we haven’t seen it because she’s at school and after care. It warms my heart like you have no idea.


Recently I traded in an old Mac Mini at Apple and received a $160 Apple gift card today. After months of wanting the pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil for my iPad Pro, but not wanting to spend grocery or mortgage money on it, I realized I could finally get it!! This is pure joy for a nerd who usually doesn’t have any money.

Welp, turns out that there was a 5th thing.


  • It could have been watching “The Greatest Story Ever Told” with Mae and watching her be completely rapt with attention to it and having good conversation about it. I mean, when she’s a bit older, I can have more detailed conversations about how women were treated back then and what we feel God’s expectations are, etc., but for now, she’s interested in the basic story. That makes me happy.
  • Or, it could have been about my Happy Hour Conference Call with some of my siblings. We don’t always all update each other and connect on a purely social basis, and this was wonderful. I hope we do it more often.
  • Or, it could have been about how I’m getting more work done this week than in previous weeks. THAT is something to rejoice over, for sure.

No matter what, I’d call today a good one. Hope yours was, too.


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