Day 39: Almost As Long As Jesus Fasted in the Desert

Had no idea what day today is again. But for some reason it was a lot more confusing than other days. Also had disturbing dreams and couldn’t get up.

That spot I circled? That’s where MY seat is.
But it was converted into the wall of a fort.

My sweet little extrovert had another meltdown today during “school” and now she’s wandering the front yard, randomly using her scooter on the sidewalk, walking the dog around the yard, and saying “hi” to every single person who walks by. She keeps looking longingly across the street because Logan is out in his yard and she so badly wants someone to play with.

I told Tim I regret that we didn’t adopt a second child, just so that Mae would have a playmate. (Well, and also because we wanted more than one kid.)

The house is littered with her toys and random projects. Like this “submarine” that she and Tim built. Today we received some cool cardboard from Office Depot (I had ordered a new bulletin board), and she is now turning that into a pharmacy counter. I have NO idea what is going on with that; I’m just happy there’s some creative play going on.

This morning I had a call from the school principal. They are finally calling it — no more in-person school for the rest of the school year. I feel so sad for that beautiful old building, because I know it loves being filled with all of those great kids. I feel worse for me. And for every parent. This teaching-at-home thing is not temporary anymore and we have to figure out how we’re going to readjust and accommodate the way each of us function. I, for instance, have such a difficult time in the morning. Mae told me today that Tim wakes her up too early and she’s always tired. Up until last week, she always napped whenever wasn’t a school day. I know we’ve been pretty lucky with that, but now we need to figure out a new sleep schedule, too.

I’m not complaining. We all are having to do this, but man, it’s a LOT.

Oh, and hello? If you’re not social distancing. If you’re supporting our country’s poor leadership on this whole thing. If you are whining about not being able to get your hair cut … stop reading this blog right now. I’m sick of everybody who makes this a partisan issue or a money issue instead of a human issue. Get your heads out of your asses, or you or someone you love also may be one of those bodies stacked up in refrigerated trucks.

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