Day 4: And the melting down begins

Last Saturday, the day which I’m now referring to as “My Last Day of Freedom,” I stopped into Barnes & Noble to get some magazines. My thought was that, if we need to hole up for a while, I’d get some decorating and organizing magazines to inspire me and get me moving on some projects.

Then I had a few moments where I had this nagging feeling that something was in my nose, possibly visible to passersby. Rather than being an animal and wiping my nose on my sleeve, I walked calmly to the rest room so that I could blow and then check for any leftovers in the mirror AND wash my hands for 20 seconds.

As I walked past the Lego aisle, there it was, in all its glory.

I snatched that bad boy up as soon as I finished in the rest room.

We’ve been trying to get to the Lego Store in Denver for months so that I could get this set. I do love Lego, but am not obsessive about it. But I am a little obsessed with Friends (more on that another day). I was told by the store that I could call ahead to see if it was in stock but could not have it held for me while I drove over an hour to get there. I also couldn’t get it online because they were only letting the stores carry them. If I had known B&N would have it…well, but I guess that this is the timing that was meant to be.

Needless to say, I did not find any magazines.

Greedily, I wanted to build it all by myself. But I knew better. Mae was so excited to see this set. She’s never seen Friends, of course. I mean, she’s 6, people! But I have showed her this clip:

ANYWAY, this now appears to be our family quarantine project. At least for the next 4 or 5 days, I’m guessing. The child is obsessed with building it. She wants to play Rachel. She’s obsessed with Gunther, whose hair, as an aside, went missing for 48 hours. So, here’s where we stand now:

It’s tough building a kit with a hyper, extroverted, 6-year-old who doesn’t catch social cues of any kind and who has been cooped up in the house for days. It’s tougher when mama has been working in her home office all day while daddy and Mae get to play and hang out and watch movies. And then, let’s discuss how mama is an introvert and really relies on her alone time while Mae is at school and daddy is at work.

And then The Call came. My husband is sub with the local school districts and we learned that the town over is shutting down schools through April 17 because of the governor’s executive order to do so.

I wept a little.

I have never let myself think this before, but would it be wrong to give her some Dimetapp or Sudafed or something? (YES, I KNOW IT’S WRONG AND I’M NOT GOING TO DO IT!)

ANYWAY, that’s where things stand tonight. We are out of booze, too. I’m hoping that I can chill enough tonight in order to face tomorrow with a much better attitude.

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