Day 424: How People See Me

It’s funny. Sometimes you take a quiz and they ask you something like “what word would people use to describe you?” and then give you a list to choose from. I never really know for sure what to put there, although I might select “kind” or “funny”, because that’s what I’ve been told now and then.

I’m having a bad day and won’t bore you with the details. I was rescheduling things with a colleague and discussing the day’s work. I also said that I’d be more Tracey than usual today.

He replied, “more grumpy or more nerdy?” which made me laugh. Hard.

I had no idea I was grumpy. What I really meant was that I’d be more quirky than usual. I know I have a lot of quirks. But I am nerdy.

No real point to the story. Just sharing.

It’s been a while since I posted. I was shocked to check the counter to see how many days it has been since the US first locked down and our lives really changed, probably forever. It feels weird. And it’s ever so weary-ing.

p.s. I like the drop cap in the first paragraph. Do you?

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