Day 460: An Elena of Avalor Birthday Party

This isn’t a mommy blog. Do you know why? Because there are no staged photos and not one damn thing is perfect. Oh, and I may or may not type adult words.

Now on with the show.

Sunday, we had an 8th birthday party for my girl. It was SO fun! I was in a surprisingly good mood on Saturday when I was prepping. And on Sunday, I didn’t even stress out until the last half hour before start time. This is HUGE for me.

First of all, obligatory shot of the birthday girl, but with her face blurred because PRIVACY, people! Note the shirt, which is really the reason I’m posting this shot. You bet I am, baby girl.

My daughter had the idea she wanted an Elena of Avalor theme. I know she doesn’t care so much about the theme as she does the swimming and friends and gifts. But I had a good time planning this anyway.

First, we have favors. An idea from My Frugal Adventures on Pinterest: Little bracelet making kits. I, as I tend to do, took it one step further and included detailed instructions. If only I had remembered to put them inside the bag. Here’s the PDF. If I make it editable someday, I’ll replace it.

Then, like a crazy, I put gold-colored sprinkles on the rims of plastic cups. People, we were in the midst of a heat wave and it was 100 degrees that day. Wouldn’t you stop to think that the white chocolate that was holding on the glitter might melt? Not me!

And then there were the cupcakes. This is not mustard on the cupcakes, by the way. They are Devil’s Food with chocolate ganache (because that’s easy), with holographic gold edible glitter. That’s right. You heard me.

Then we have the decorations. My daughter has a little friend whose birthday is the exact same date, and her mom and I were originally going to give them a joint birthday party. That didn’t work out, but we still worked on making tissue paper flowers. It was really cool and they turned out well. I then splurged on all of the other decorations and turned the back patio into a fiesta.

It turned out really well. The girls swam in the little pool we have. The parents talked and caught up after a long while away from each other. The cupcakes were great. No decorations fell down. I fell short on the photo taking, as you can see. You wouldn’t even know there had been a piñata, too, would you?

I did, however, manage a photo of my husband and FIL with their shiny bald heads. Enjoy!

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