Day 513: The World is Burning


Let’s look at this scenario. It’s not the worst scenario that ever happened to a person, but it’s sure not the best. I have asthma. I’m also trying to get more exercise into my life and I walk to make that happen. But the air? Not the best quality because, besides the smoke from the fires in Colorado, we’re also getting smoke from California and other states’ wildfires. No, I’m not negating the struggles of those who are losing homes and lives and property. I’m just telling you my story.

I could walk in a mall, but we don’t have indoor malls in our city. I could go to SuperTarget and walk, but then I’m faced with the temptation to shop (which I might be having a problem with to begin with) and also being in the vicinity of those who won’t wear masks and/or get vaccinated.

Did I mention that we don’t have air conditioning in our house and that Colorado is going through a heat wave (again)? We have a whole house fan that we usually run late in the day until morning in order to cool down the house. This morning, we shut all of the windows in an attempt to keep out the bad air. So it gradually got hotter throughout the day. But now the fan is running again, it’s less hot, but we’re bringing in all of that polluted air.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

And how long do I let my little girl play outside? She wants to go to the neighborhood pool — how long do I let her do that before her little lungs become damaged?

Do we have the extra dollars to get window a/c units and air purifiers? Of course not. The economy is fucked.

Don’t tell me that there is no climate change, conservatives. Don’t tell me that the pandemic is spreading (more and again) because of immigrants, Sean Hannity, son of first-generation parents.

I’m angry. I thought it would calm down a bit, the anger. But it’s not.

Go get vaccinated. Support wearing masks. Listen to the scientists who talk about climate change and do what you can to help the cause. And don’t yell at me for having a large vehicle because if I could afford to get a hybrid, I would get one in a second. Help those who are struggling. It’s really not that difficult. You’d want that help and support if you were in the same situation. And you might be. Any day now…

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