Out of Sorts

I don’t have a source for this image, but my BFF found it on Facebook and it really helped me feel less sad today.

Day 15. My daughter hit her wall today.

We were taking an online art class for kids where we were painting rocks. She didn’t want to finish it.

She went barreling through the doggie gate by the playroom. We’ve been keeping it open because the playroom is also the schoolroom and Tim’s office and we didn’t want Doug to feel left out. But it happened to be latched at that moment, so she banged her toe and her wrist.

We had her go up for her nap at that point and I could see on her face that the rest of the day was definitely not going to be a good one.

When she woke from her nap, I could hear her upstairs crying and yelling in that forlorn, sad way that kids do when they’ve just had it and can’t express what they’re really feeling. She yelled: “I’m being so angry and I don’t like it!” I went up to intervene because Tim doesn’t always know what to do with the emotions of his girls.

She and I sat on the sofa and I held her and we talked. She said she was “sad, sad, sad, sad, sad” about not being able to go out and do things. I let her know she wasn’t alone and how sad I am, too.

Instead of forcing her to do math, she’s did a little journaling and then we made cookies.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you feel so out of sorts?

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